Now What_(2)

Monday Jim left at his usual time and she went upstairs to get ready to run errands.

At 9:30 her phone rang see a strange number she hesitated but decided to answer. The phone sprang to life with her on her knees sucking cock, it was a short clip followed by a message, be at front door in ten minutes!
Sandi was terrified she had no memory of the event, but the video was her sucking cock that was for sure.
The door bell rang there stood Rob and Matt, "hello Sandi I’m Rob and he’s Matt" they pushed past her and walked in. "Which way to the den"? Too stunned to say anything she just pointed. Matt went over to the TV and slipped in a memory stick, "Sandi you may want to sit down" said Rob, the picture came to life and for the next 20 minutes the closet encounter played. By the time the video ended she was sobbing, tears rolling down her face. She kept saying my god finally Matt spoke "Sandi we have your husbands phone as well as the numbers of all you friends and relatives, do you want them to see the video"? Sandi just looked at the boys, "look I can get you some money if you give me the video". Matt and Rob exchanged looks "we have a better idea".

They told Sandi to stand up and do a strip tease down to her underwear, "no fucken way now you to blackmailing bastards get out of here". Matt smiled "Rob lets send the husband and his boss the video now", as Rob went to push send Sandi screamed "NO wait I will be ruined". The boys looked at each other then turned back to look at her. She realized she was beaten, if her husband saw it he would divorce her and take her kids. She sighed she was beaten the boys just smiled at her. She turned walking over to the stereo, turned on some music and walked back to the center of the room.

Matt looked at her "you better start telling us how much you like us, that you can’t wait to get our cocks in you, yeah Rob chimed in smiling". Sandi was now down to her red lace bra and matching boy shorts. "Come over her and between us" as she walked over turned and sat the guys each took one of her legs and draped them over their laps. There she was sitting between to thugs spread eagle. Matt grabbed her face and tried to kiss her, when she didn’t respond he slapped her tit hard enough to bring a tear. She yelped "bitch you better start learning to do what your told now I want a really hot kiss". Again, he tried she still resisted, Rob got up and went to the bathroom while Matt just looked at her. He was only gone s few seconds, in his hand was a plastic hair brush. Matt pulled her across his lap, before she knew it he smashed her butt cheek with the brush. The blows were hard and came quickly, she was being spanked for disobeying. Five whacks to each cheek later she was crying uncontrollably, both cheeks stung like fire.
Rob pulled her upright and pushed her down next to Matt, "now my beauty lets try this again kiss me like you are hot for me". She was totally beaten, she wrapped her arms around Matts neck and stuck her tongue down his throat. She kissed better then anyone he knew shr was working her tongue expertly. Matt pushed her away and Rob sat down beside her, he was naked and already sporting a good size hard on. "What size are those tits Sandi"? Looing at him in his eyes she smiled 40D’s, Matt whispered in her ear she looked at Rob "would you like to see them"? He nodded yes, she unclipped her bra it fell to her lap. "Those are great tits Matt lets suck them". Matt sat down naked as well they both took one nipple and went to work on them. They alternated rubbing her clit through he panties which were now very wet. She could not believe her body betraying her this way.

Matt stood her up and pulled down her panties she stepped out of the, both guys smiled as her pussy was wet and the clit was swollen her red bush was trimmed and wet. "Sandi sit down and spread", she did a moment later Robs cock pushed past her cunt lips and sunk deep into her, the first thrust was a bit rough but after two more thrusts her wetness was making the sensation almost pleasant. He continues to pump her fast and deep for seven minutes she could not believe her body because she was on the edge of an orgasm. Rob stiffened a moan escaped as a large load or sperm sprayed into her cunt it was the first of at least six blasts. The feeling of hot sperm deep in her caused her to explode with her own orgasm. Matt whispered in her ear she shook her head until she saw the brush, "Rob baby please take a few pictures of my cream pie for your friends" Rob grabbed his phone she looked into the camera "Rob and I made a creampie I love them".
Rob moved as Matt shoved his stiff cock into her freshly fucked cunt, she squished as he went deep as his cock was bigger than Robs. After several minutes she felt the feeling down deep as another orgasm was approaching, suddenly it hit. Her body spasmed and shook this pushed Matt over the edge his cock blasted yet another large load of sperm deep within her unprotected pussy. "Oh god I’m not on the pill I could get pregnant. As he pulled out she felt cum running down the crack of her ass. Several more pictures, they both stood there admiring their work.
She was sobbing as she could not believe she had betrayed her husband and had somewhat enjoyed the experience. The fact she could get pregnant by these bastards and she started crying again.
Rob grabbed her, he turned her on all fours the front half of her body hung over the sofa, her tits swing freely as Matt came around front of her he held her arms as she felt Rob’s hard cock at her asshole. "Oh god no please no one has ever done that to me" was all she got out as his cock went half way in, she started to scream but Matts cock went deep in her throat. She now had a cocks in her mouth and ass at the same time. Matt was throat fucking her while the assault on her ass was going full force. After five minutes of deep fucking she felt a twinge she was going to cum from an ass fucking while she continued to gage from the cock deep in her throat. She started to shutter as Ron stiffen and blasted her bowels with another generous load of hot sperm. At the same moment a blast of hot sperm started flowing down her throat.
These sensations of cum flowing from two cocks at the same time into her triggered something in her she had never experienced, she shuttered and had an orgasm like non-she had ever experienced.

They boys released her and sat down beside her, Matt looked at her "slut get up and put those panties back on now"! She jumped up not wanting the hair brush again. Cum flowed from her freshly fucked pussy and ass so very quickly she had a large wet spot in the front and back of her boy shorts`. "Now that’s the look we like to see slut" said Rob.
"Come here and sit down in the middle". "My ass really hurts now I’d like to take a shower if". "Shut the fuck up and sit down now slut", yelled Rob. She immediately did as she was told. Matt got up he moved in front of her and Rob with his phone in hand. Rob looked at her sitting next to him naked from the waist up. He handed her her phone a message appeared. I will ask you a question and you will read the answer I send you. You will speak it as if you mean it in a sexy voice or those butt cheeks will be a lot sorer! She nodded yes.
Now Rob spoke, "so slutty Sandi how’s your cunt and ass"? She looked at the message, doing her best to smile she answered, "now that I’ve had your young great cocks in me and you’ve left a large deposit of sperm in me I feel great, I really love your cum and I’m hoping you both have more cum in your ball sacks for me"? Rob smiled "stand up let see those panties". She stood and turned completely around showing that the cum from her ass and cunt had pooled into the bottom of the panties and she was completely soaked.
Rob and Matt were thrilled because with this video she was there’s for as long as they wanted.
Matt turned off the video "slutty Sandi we’ve got plenty of time before your kids get home lets got to your room and you can drain our ball sacks dry". "Not in my bedroom guys", Matt sat on the sofa pulled her across his lap and administered three hard blows to each butt cheek. She was crying as she was stood up, Matt looked at her "Sandi you have got to learn the rules do you understand No is not an option"? The tears were still streaming down her face as she nodded her acceptance.

They headed towards her bedroom, once inside Rob sat on her bed "what time do your kids get home from school"? "Between 2:30 and 3 why"? "Today when they arrive we will be in the kitchen, they will get to know us as the neighbors who will help you with chores". She had a puzzled look "in case your wondering why because when our nut sacks need draining they will be accustomed to see us and will not think anything of you being in the garage or any other place with us alone". "Your husband also travels so when he’s away we’ll spend the time her".
She had a look of sheer horror, as she started to say something Matt smiled and pushed her down on the bed. He started to pull her onto his lap, "I’m good with it, please I didn’t say anything please"! Matt sat her up ok slutty Sandi we’ve got two hours for you to perfect your cock sucking skills get to work".
For the next two hours she gave 4 blow jobs she was fucked in both end once more. At 2:30 they all were down stairs in the Kitchen as the boys came in.
Sandi was in shorts and a blouse, she was made to keep the cum soaked panties on, she had cum in her hair and on her face. The boys were introduced to Matt and Rob, after about 30 minutes they stood up to leave, "Thanks Mrs. A we’ll be back Friday or Saturday to look at the leaky pipe in the basement. They walked out knowing they had her.
After her kids had gone to their rooms she ran into the bathroom stripped down and started a hot shower. Her butt cheeks were red and sore, as was her asshole and cunt, she knew she would be leaking cum for several hours at least. She cried not knowing whether any of there sperm had found an egg. She vowed to make an appointment to get back on the pill.
As she headed to the kitchen to start dinner she wondered NOW WHAT!

Now What_(2)